About Racing Groom

Welcome to Racing Groom. If you are thinking about working as a racing groom, we hope this website gives you all the information you need to help you make that choice and to help guide you through the training you need to get a role with a licensed racehorse trainer.

British horseracing is enjoyed by around six million spectators every year and is the second most popular sport in Britain behind football. This popularity could not be achieved if it were not for the racing grooms employed in racing yards.

Over 6,000 racing grooms play a vital role in providing constant first-class care and attention to over 14,000 racehorses in training. It is essential that this skilled and dedicated workforce is supported, rewarded and developed.

Within this website, managed by the National Trainers Federation, we aim to promote the valued role of racing grooms and to provide information to attract racing grooms from schools, colleges, other equestrian disciplines and outside the equestrian industry.

We also have an online hub where racing grooms already working in yards or those looking to train or get work experience with a racehorse trainer can find more information to help them in their roles, to develop their careers and to get access to rewards and discounts which can be used towards clothing, equipment and other products or activities.

With the Racing Groom website and hub combined, we aim to improve communication between racing grooms, their employers and the racing industry, increase racing groom job satisfaction, improve staff retention, and provide a place for racing grooms – whether new or experienced – to find the information they need to make their roles more fulfilling. In this way, the industry can attract, retain and reward the best racing grooms in the world.


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