Racing Groom Ambassadors


Chetan Singh

Racing Groom

Andrew Balding

What training did you have to get into racing?

When I was 14 years old I went to the apprentice school in Hyderabad for 3 years.

Who do you work for at present?

I work for Andrew Balding now.

How did you find your first job in racing?

I had a friend who worked at Kingwood House Stables in Lambourn and he helped me get my first UK racing job there when I came to England.

What do you do in your job?

My daily duties include riding, mucking out, grooming, taking horses on and off the walker and then I often take horses racing when I have the chance, as I really enjoy this.

What do you like best about your job?

My favourite part of the job would have to be riding out – when you have a nice horse to ride it is a great feeling!

Have you used any of the industry support?

No, I have never used any of the industry support.

What awards have you won or been nominated for?

In 2017 I was nominated for the Godolphin Stable Staff award in the Rider & Groom category – I came 2nd.

Have you done any other career development training whilst in your role?

Before coming to England, I went to work in Norway, where I took out a jockey license and had 4 rides there.

What, if any, are your plans to progress your career?

I am happy with my career how it is and would like to continue what I am doing as I really enjoy my job. I have a good life at Kingsclere with my family and it is a nice place to work.

What tips would you give to a person wanting to start a role as a Racing Groom?

I think that the most important advice I can give is to always be willing to work as part of a team; you end up working with lots of different people, not all of whom you may get on with but teamwork is vital for a successful yard. To have patience with the horses, even when they are being naughty is also highly important. Lastly, I would express that you must remember in racing when you have a bad day, there will always be a good day around the corner, so don’t get disheartened!

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