Racing Groom Ambassadors


Gemma Hogg

Assistant Trainer

Micky Hammond Racing

What training did you have to get into racing?

I went to the National Horseracing College in June 1998 to do my Level 1 Diploma. After that, the National Horseracing College placed me into work place training to do my Levels 2 and 3.

Who do you work for at present?

I am currently Assistant Trainer for Micky Hammond in Middleham, North Yorkshire.

Did you arrange any work experience before your started your training or job?

I helped at Micky’s during the school holidays and I also went to the National Horseracing College for my work experience from school. I worked at weekends for a show pony producer near where I lived in Leeds too.

If so, how did you arrange your work experience?

For my work experience at the National Horseracing Collegee, I contacted them through my school as it was official work experience and part of the school education system.

How did you find your first job in racing?

The National Horseracing College gave me a choice of the area I would like to work in at the end of my course, so as I had already been to Middleham, I was keen to go back. Luckily Micky and his team were happy for me to join them.

What do you do in your job?

As an Assistant Trainer, it is my job to oversee all aspects of the yard. I muck out, ride out when needed, go up to the moor to follow the horses’ progress, make entries and declarations and speak to owners with horse updates.

What do you like best about your job?

I love working with the horses and the interaction with people.

Have you used any of the industry support?

I have been very lucky and not needed any support personally. But I have used Racing Welfare’s help with staff and their families. I have also always found the National Horseracing College very helpful and willing to support in every way they can.

What awards have you won or been nominated for?

I won the Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Leadership Award in 2016 and overall Employee of the Year. Before that I’d never even won a raffle!

Have you done any other career development training whilst in your role?

The British Horseracing Authority hold an Assistant Trainers’ course to help develop an understanding of all aspects of running a yard including handicapping, business management, media training and horse welfare. I found this very useful and feel it was an insight into doing training modules in the future.

What are your plans to progress your career?

I am very happy with my position for now, but do aspire to training for myself in years to come.

What tips would you give a person wanting to start a role as a racing groom?

Racing is a great way of life if you are willing to work hard, love the horses and be respectful to others. You can fulfil your dreams and make new ones along the way. There are so many opportunities and paths to follow.

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