The Racing Groom package
at a glance

All racing grooms and other racing racing staff working for licensed racehorse trainers have access to many benefits within their employment package.


Personal and employment support

Racing grooms have access to free support from several industry bodies offering personal, employment, financial, housing, fitness and careers advice.


National Association of Racing Staff

An independent trade union representing all racing staff. It negotiates wages and conditions, and deals with problems or complaints that racing grooms have with their work place and represents them in cases of dispute.


Injured Jockeys Fund

A charity providing financial, medical and pastoral assistance to jockeys past and present who have suffered through injury. It also runs rehabilitation centres Oaksey House, Jack Berry House and Peter O’Sullevan House.


Racing Welfare

A charity that provides a professional guidance and practical help to support the well-being of racing, stud and support staff, included those retired. The welfare service allows people in racing to thrive in day-to-day life and through any challenges in their racing career.

They give confidential advice and guidance on a wide range of issues including accidents, money, health, careers, relationships, housing and retirement.

How to contact Racing Welfare

Racing’s Support Line 24-hour helpline: +44 (0)8006 300443
Racing’s Support Line website:

You can live chat or email a question via the Racing Welfare website.

Pay & Working Conditions


Staff wages and conditions of employment are protected by the Trainers Licence granted by the British Horseracing Authority. Licensed racehorse trainers give an undertaking that all staff are employed in accordance with the Racing Industry Minimum Rates of Pay Structure and minimum standard conditions of employment. Racing is the only equine sport where staff are protected in this way.

Minimum Rates of Pay

Under their Trainers License, racehorse trainers must follow the Minimum Rates of Pay Structure. These are minimums – in practice you may earn more. There are different minimum salary levels ages depending on your age, qualifications and experience. Gaining qualifications will help you make the most of your career opportunities and in many cases lead to pay increases.

Share of prize money

If a horse in your yard wins prize money in a race, all the staff in the yard get a percentage share of the money (pool money), as agreed by all the yard staff.

Employment conditions

Overtime, hours of work, working weekends, time working away from the yard, holidays, leave and notice periods are all regulated under the Trainers Licence. This offers racing grooms employment protection unrivalled by other equestrian sports.


Since April 2018, all eligible staff have been enrolled in a pension scheme, and their employer must make contributions for them. This is a good way to help you save money for your retirement.


Some grooms are provided with subsidised accommodation on site or close to their places of work.

You’ll work in a friendly and collaborative team with other grooms, work riders, yard managers and the racehorse trainer. With an opportunity to travel to other race meetings, you get to meet grooms from other yards too. It’s very sociable and can be lots of fun.

As a travelling groom, you could also get the chance to travel abroad to other world-class racing nations such as Hong Kong and Dubai.


Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of young people and adults at risk and protect them from harm.

As the regulatory and governing body of the sport, the BHA has a particular duty to protect young people and adults at risk involved in racing activities from all forms of abuse and harm, and to ensure there are clear processes and channels for them to report confidently any abusive or discriminatory behaviour. However, this duty is not confined to the BHA. It is shared by everyone in racing.

Accident scheme (RIABS)

All paid racing staff contribute a small amount to Racing Industry Accident and Benefits Scheme (RIABS) for paid employees, and employers must match that. The scheme gives racing grooms financial support if they you have an accident at work, on your way to work or if you are can’t go back to work because of your injuries.

Recruitment, Training and Education

Training and development

The British Horseracing Authority is committed to training and developing staff working in the industry including racing grooms. Racing grooms have access to a wide range of training courses from world-class coaches at the British Racing School and National Horseracing College. Funding and training grants are available in a lot of instances.


British Racing School

A centre of excellence providing a range of training and courses to meet the needs of the racing industry and its learners. The School provides Pony Racing training and a residential foundation level course for 16-24 year olds, after which students get apprenticeship places in racehorse trainers’ yards across the UK. It also provides training in specialist skills such as senior staff training, jockey training and courses for racehorse trainers.


National Horseracing College

A centre of excellence delivering a wide range of courses that specifically cater people who are looking at horseracing as a future career and for those who are currently working in the industry wishing to develop their qualifications and skills. As well as training for racing grooms and for young people wishing to gain experience working in racing, the College provides jockey and racehorse trainer training.


Haddon Training

A national work-based training organisation providing apprenticeships in horse care and management combining the racing option. They offer riding and nonriding apprenticeships with a range of licensed racehorse trainers.

Rewards & Discounts

Racing Groom Hub

Through the Racing Groom Hub, racing staff can access many discounts and offers from a range of organisations in the industry, including equestrian suppliers.

Industry Awards

There are generous national awards with prize money offered in recognition of the outstanding work of racing staff, as well as the opportunity to win cash prizes if your horse is the Best Turned Out on racedays.

Racing Staff Week

The racing industry comes together one week of the year to celebrate and reward the hard work and dedication of racing staff. During the week, many racecourses hold special races, events and competitions for racing staff.

Visit the Racing Staff Week website

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