What hours
will I be expected to work?

What hours will I be expected to work?

The normal full time working week for a racing groom is 40 hours spread over a five-and-a-half-day period.

The week usually starts on a Monday morning and ends at 12.45pm on Saturday. However, your yard might work different hours. Your hours will be told to you before you start and will be in your employment contract.

Many yards are now working different patterns including one weekend in three off and an extra afternoon off during the week.

As you are working with horses that need looking after all the time, and as you may go racing, you should expect to work weekends. Your yard will set a rota for weekend working.

There are also opportunities for part-time staff and those wishing to work more flexible hours.

Do I get paid for working overtime?

Your employer will pay you overtime for time worked in the yard. This is paid at the rate of time and a half for each hour worked above your normal 40 working week.

Time outside of normal hours worked away from the yard is paid at the rate specified in the Memorandum of Agreement.

What other employment conditions are there about hours and time off?

The Memorandum of Agreement also gives details on

  • Maximum annual working hours
  • Sickness or bereavement leave
  • Holiday entitlements
  • Time off in lieu for returning from racing after midnight, racing on a Saturday evening fixture off-rota and travelling or working on off-rota Sundays.

Visit racehorsetrainers.org/industry/working.asp to view the latest employee Terms and Conditions.

Please note that all figures and conditions are correct at the time they were published on this website but are subject to change. Please see the Memorandum of Agreement for up-to-date figures. Visit racehorsetrainers.org/industry/working.asp


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