What does a
Racing Groom wear?

Your employer can help you to buy working clothes such as jodhpurs and jodhpur boots. However, you must agree in writing and sign to confirm that you will repay them in weekly instalments.

We have negotiated discounts with some equestrian clothing suppliers.

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A non-peaked jockey skull cap is what most grooms use. Wearing a safety helmet when you are mounted on a horse is compulsory and is a rule of racing. Many grooms also wear helmets when handling young or difficult horses or when loading horses into the horse box. Your employer must provide you a safety helmet free of charge but it remains the property of the employer.

If you are on work experience or attending a racing school, you must provide your own safety helmets.

Visit championhats.co.uk


Goggles are worn when you are galloping horses in a group to prevent kickback getting in your eyes.

As with a riding hat, wearing a body protector while mounted on a horse is a compulsory rule of racing. The minimum level body protector you must wear will depend on your yard, but most yards insist that you wear a Level 3 body protector. Many grooms use the brand Racesafe as this has flexible panels to help your movement. Your employer will provide this free of charge but it remains their property. If you are on work experience or attending a racing school, you must provide your own protective equipment.

Visit racesafe.co.uk


These are particularly useful in the rain, when reins get slippery and they help to keep your hands warm in cold weather too!

Good quality waterproof jacket and trousers are essential to keep you warm and dry in the winter months.

Visit pcracewear.ie

When you are working outside most of the time, keeping warm in the winter months is vital!

Visit pcracewear.ie

Either can be worn and lots of flat racing grooms wear jeans. Breeches are preferable, as their looser fit means more flexibility and comfort.

Visit pcracewear.ie


A sturdy pair of boots are the best as they protect your feet from being trodden on! You can wear short or long boots for riding.

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