Other training opportunities

Once you have a job as a racing groom there are lots of opportunities to continue to learn new skills and gain more experience in the racing industry.

The British Racing School, National Horseracing College, Haddon Training and the Scottish Racing Academy offer a range of courses where you can:

  • improve your horse care and riding skills with a Level 2 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care or your Level 3 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care and Management
  • train to become a supervisor, head groom or yard manager
  • get qualifications to transport horses and join the team travelling to races
  • learn practical yard skills such as lunging, bandaging, clipping and first aid
  • improve your riding with simulator training or work rider training – and have fall training for the moments when you can’t stick on!
  • learn other skills to take on vital yard roles such as yard secretary or book-keeping
  • train to get your jockey licence
  • train to become an assistant trainer or trainer.

The Racing Staff Development Programme offers work-based training for the racing industry at yards and training facilities nationwide.

Courses are often free or are subsidised and frequent webinars are offered as well to supplement career and skills development. Regular training offered includes:

  • Free work rider training on a simulator
  • Rider coaching training
  • Racehorse nutrition and fitness
  • Rider fitness and safety
  • Equine first aid
  • Introduction to staff management

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