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The racing industry is committed to providing the best possible support for racing staff.

We recognise the important role you play in advising and supporting your son or daughter as they choose a career, prepare to start their qualifications and seek employment. To help you, we have prepared this information to answer any questions you may have.

While a racing groom role involves early morning starts and some overtime, the feedback we get time and time again from racing staff is that the satisfaction they get from working with racehorses beats any other job in the world!

About a role in racing

If your son or daughter wants to be a racing groom, be reassured that racing is the only equestrian discipline where there is a regulated pay structure and regulated working conditions for grooms.

The National Association of Racing Staff (NARS) and the National Trainers Federation (NTF) ensure grooms get fair wages, overtime rates and a minimum level of working conditions. Pensions are available, and staff get a share in the prize money won by their yard.

Career opportunities

From beginners to the more experienced, there is a set career path and training opportunities with some funding throughout their career. The wage structure is scaled so as your son or daughter gets more qualifications or experience, the more money they get paid.

Racing Staff support

There are numerous organisations in racing which support racing staff – whether it’s with something not going right in their personal life or in their working lives or if its support in further training to develop their careers and fulfil their potential. Please see our Support section for more information.

Safety and wellbeing

The safety and wellbeing of our racing staff is paramount. The BHA has a Safeguarding Policy available and there is additional industry work ongoing.

Racing staff accommodation

Some racehorse trainers provide subsidises accommodation for their staff. This will either be in hostels or house shares and will be close to the yard where they will be working.

In the racing training centres, Racing Welfare manage housing properties to support young people aged 16-21 who have recently left the British Racing School or National Horseracing College. For more information, please contact Racing Welfare.

Pony Club Members

The Pony Club and Racing to School offer free workshops for Pony Club Members aged 12 years and over on racedays at selected racecourses. The workshops are aimed at students who have an active interest in horses and horse sport.

The workshops provide fun activities that teaches students about the horse racing industry and provides details on the range of career opportunities in the racing and thoroughbred breeding industries. Pony Club Members will be given access to areas of the racecourse that are normally restricted during the morning before watching live racing in the afternoon.

For those young people hoping to combine their love of horses with a future career, the team will provide details on a wide range of opportunities available in the racing and thoroughbred breeding industries too.

For more information, please contact

Open days at yards

Many racehorse trainers or racehorse training centres hold open days. If you and your son or daughter want to visit a yard before they commit to a career in racing, we recommend you find your closest open event and attend. The day will give your son or daughter a feel for life working in a racing yard.

For open days and events happening near you, keep an eye on:

Work experience

Finding work experience for your son or daughter with a licensed racehorse trainer will also give them a good idea what life in racing is like. You can find more about work experience on our work experience page.

Training courses and providers

We would also encourage early research into the racing groom training courses and providers.

Both the National Horseracing College and the British Racing School provide foundation courses followed by apprenticeship courses working towards diploma qualifications. Haddon Training offer work place assessments to achieve diploma qualification. Both the British Racing School and National Horseracing College hold open or taster days which offer a great chance to find out more about the courses, facilities and horses.

Please feel free to discuss any of your son’s or daughter’s early plans or wishes with the training providers. They will also be able to advise you on the funding available for training.

For more information please visit their websites:

National Horseracing College (NHC)

British Racing School

Haddon Training

Scottish Racing Academy

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