Your route to becoming a
Racing Groom

16-19 years old
equine student

When you left school, you may have been certain that you wanted to work with horses, but perhaps you were unsure as to which equestrian discipline you wanted to work in once you had completed your training.

As your training comes to an end, you may decide that you want to work in the racing industry. Some equine students go straight into employment with a racehorse trainer. However, others might want some specific training in looking after racehorses – and as you know, riding a racehorse at work is very different from riding a dressage horse or eventer. The British Racing School and the National Horseracing College both run a free Entry to Employment Programme that will help you prepare for riding racehorses and looking after them.

This is a suggested pathway for final year students of an equine qualification at an equine college or for those who have recently graduated with an equine qualification and who want to work with racehorses.


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Complete your equine training

It’s important that you complete your training at your equine college. You will learn important skills in caring for and riding horses, which can be applied to racehorses too.


Entry to employment programme for Equine College Students

This free five-week residential course at the British Racing School, National Horse Racing College or Haddon Training prepares you for work in a racing yard and for riding racehorses.


Placed into employment

On successful completion of your training The British Racing School or National Horse Racing College will find you work with a licensed racehorse trainer.


Develop your skills, experience and career with further training

There are lots of other training opportunities you can take once you are employed. You can complete your Level 3 Apprenticeship or Level 3 Diploma, gain other yard skills, improve your work riding or train to be a jockey or a trainer.

The Careers Advice and Training Service can help you plan your next steps and funding could be available from the industry or your employer for further training. The National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust (NTFCT) Grant and the Toby Balding Award for Development and Training could also give you financial support for your training.

And remember, your pay is linked to your level of experience and qualifications – the more training and skills you learn, the more you will get paid.

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