Your route to becoming a
Racing Groom

16-years old
school leaver

It’s time for you to really start planning what job you want to do in the future. You must stay in education or some form of training until you are 18 years old.

It is a Rule of Racing that anyone under 19 years old who wants to work as a racing groom must start a Level 2 Apprenticeship or equivalent qualification. You can do this via the British Racing School (BRS), National Horseracing College (NHC), Haddon Training, or the Scottish Racing Academy, or alternatively, you can study for City and Guild Qualifications with HEROS. Complete beginners may have to complete a Foundation course, a pre-apprenticeship or your Level 1 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care first.


Talk to your parent and careers advisor at school

Tell your parents and your school careers advisors that you’d like to work in a horseracing yard. They can help you research your training options and can also be great at helping you get work experience.


Register with the Racing Groom Hub

By registering with our Racing Groom Hub we’ll notify you of courses, events and other industry news to help you start your career. You can also create and save a CV and letter to employers for work experience or jobs. As a bonus, we’ve arranged discounts and offers for you from a wide range of suppliers, events and services.


Arrange work experience with a licensed racehorse trainer

You can arrange some work experience at a racehorse trainer’s yard before you leave school. We’ve given you some guidance on how to do this in our work experience section.


Complete your Foundation Course and achieve your Level 1 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care or a pre-apprenticeship

The British Racing School (BRS), the National Horseracing College (NHC)  and the Scottish Racing Academy (SRA) provide courses to start you off on your training. These courses teach you to work safely in a yard, the basics of riding racehorses and you’ll start to learn how to look after racehorses.

These are not the only routes to access an apprenticeship. You could go directly onto an apprenticeship with the correct amount of relevant experience or they could complete a Traineeship with Haddon Training.


Start your Level 2 Apprenticeship

If you successfully complete your Level 1 Diploma or the pre-apprenticeship, you will be found an apprenticeship placement in a racing stable. Here you can start your Level 2 Apprenticeship. There are four training providers for your Level 2 – the British Racing School, National Horseracing College, Scottish Racing Academy and Haddon Training.


Complete your Level 2 Apprenticeship and find work

If you have worked hard and made a good impression during your apprenticeship, it is likely that your employer will keep you on. If you need or want to find a new job in another yard, then you can apply direct to other yards using our CV and letter templates from the Racing Groom Hub. You can look at vacancies on the jobs board at Careersinracing too.


Develop your skills, experience and career with further training

There are lots of other training opportunities you can take once you are employed. You can complete your Level 3 Diploma in Work Based Racehorse Care and Management, gain other yard skills, improve your work riding or train to be a jockey or a trainer.

The Careers Advice and Training Service can help you plan your next steps and funding could be available from the industry or your employer for further training. The National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust (NTFCT) Grant and the Toby Balding Award for Development and Training could also give you financial support for your training.

And remember, your pay is linked to your level of experience and qualifications – the more training and skills you learn, the more you will get paid.

Haddon Training
British Racing School
National Horseracing College

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