Lycetts Team Champions Award – Enter now!

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About this year’s award

The most rewarding teams to be a part of work consistently well together over time. From the outside what we often see is good results and shared success. What we rarely see is the consistent effort being made, the dedication, hard work and commitment of the individual team members in the long term. Good teams are committed to supporting each other and make progress on bad days as well as good days. They create a sense of shared achievement and get to
know the unique attributes and qualities everyone has to offer.

The Lycetts Team Champions Award 2021 is an opportunity for you, the racing staff to tell us about your team and to gain the recognition you deserve. We’d like to hear your stories which demonstrate why you’re part of such a great team and why there is no team quite like yours.

A £4000 prize awaits the winning team!

How to enter

Simply tell or show us how great your team is and why. That’s it!

You can send a video via social media or email, or write out your entry and email it to us. You can also send pictures to support your entry.

Simply send an email/video/images via ONE of the following channels before 30 June 2021:

Make sure you have permission to share any videos and photos submitted with your entry.  If you’re making a video, aim for it to be no longer than about five minutes, but shorter is fine too.

Videos do not have to be professional quality, using your phone’s camera is absolutely fine.

If you’re writing out an entry, please keep it to approximately two sides of A4 or less.

In your entry, include;

  • The name of your employer and a brief reference or testimonial from them.
  • A contact name, email address and telephone number for the member of the team submitting the entry.
  • What your team would like to spend £4000 on for the yard. Perhaps it’s new or upgraded staff facilities? Or a team activity? Or some equipment that everyone will benefit from? Tell us about it.

What are the judges looking for?

Judging the best team will be a panel of independent judges. They will be looking for the following types of qualities demonstrated or explained in your entries:

A great team is…

  • Ambitious, enjoy making progress, feel they have the opportunity to develop themselves, and can respond well to changing situations
  • Made up of a diverse group of individuals who know they can be themselves in front of each other, speak up when they have questions and feel supported through more difficult times
  • Motivated to help each other to work safely, trusted to take on more responsibilities and recognise each other’s skill sets.
  • Loyal to each other, confident that they are appreciated and valued for their work, and are the first to congratulate or commiserate with their teammates.
  • Able to communicate with each other, expressing praise, constructive criticism and apologies, and can reciprocate
  • Inspiring and engaging to be a part of. You motivate, respect, problem solve and bring out the best in each other.
  • Dependable, conscientious and able to go the extra mile to achieve a common goal.
  • Happy at work and clearly love their job & workplace.
  • Works together to ensure the safety of their colleagues and reduces the risk of injury to themselves, each other and the horses in their care.
  • Motivated to be the best that they can be in everything that they do, whether that be in yard standards, in turnout, in health and safety or in race results.

Recognise yourself and the people you work with in these statements? Then you could win £4,000 for your team!


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