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If you’re considering a career in horseracing, this is the podcast you need to catch up on.

In March of this year, Careers in Racing launched a brilliant podcast series, ‘Race to your Career’. This series provides listeners with a unique insight into the working world of British racing. Throughout the series, you hear from a vast array of racing staff, from experienced veterinary officers, racing grooms, and marketing professionals to those at the very start of their careers in the industry. You’ll also discover the Early Career Programmes available and what it takes to complete an apprenticeship at one of the industry’s training providers.


There are five episodes to catch up on, and they’re all available on the usual podcast platforms and YouTube.

An intro to Careersinracing

Michelle Douglas and Sean Simara from the Careersinracing team inform viewers of what Careersinracing is, the programmes they run and what employment opportunities exist in the world of horseracing. Listen to find out about job roles that you didn’t know take place at a racecourse and how you can go from a complete novice with horses to qualifying and working on a racing yard in less than four months!

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Personal Journeys

This episode follows two members of racing staff with contrasting backgrounds. Gareth Ball, who holds a plethora of jobs within the industry, did not come from a traditionally “horsey” background and was the only student at his school to pursue a career in racing. Compared to Amelie Davies, who loved horses from a young age and followed her passion into a successful career now working in a racing yard in Newmarket. Tune in to learn about their experiences at the two racing schools, some of the challenges they faced early on and how they overcame them.

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The Residential Experience

This episode features three members of racing staff, all with a unique story to tell. Nancy MacDonald, whose grandfather opened her eyes to the world of racing. Georgina Stuart who left her family in the French Alps to attend the British Racing School during Covid. And Sarah Jeffrey, who moved from South London to attend the National Stud in Newmarket. Listen now to the inspiring story of these three young women discussing their experiences completing their courses and what they enjoy most about working in the industry.

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A Life Well Lived

Horse Welfare is a hot topic in British racing; in this episode, Sally Taylor (British Horseracing Authority Veterinary Officer) and Ben Rabillard (Racing Groom) discuss the due care and attention that is provided to racehorses, from day-to-day care on a racing yard to the medical professionals that are on-site at every racecourse in the UK. From equine swimming pools to treadmills, these are just two of the many techniques used to support horses and keep them fit, healthy and happy.

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Early Careers Programmes

The final episode of the series features two participants of the British Horseracing Development Programme who secured employment within the industry after the successful completion of the programme. Ellie Rance and Molly Mooney discuss how they discovered the programme, what it entails, how much fun they had and the skills they acquired. We also hear about their current roles in the industry and the support they received on their journeys.

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If you loved the podcast and want to delve deeper into all the topics explored, head to careersinracing.com.


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