First day at Harry Fry Racing from an administrator’s view

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Prior to your start day, I will usually have been in contact with you already, either by meeting you at the interview or having conversations with you via email or the phone. This is often to clarify any questions you may have like start dates and times, what to wear, if tack is needed to be brought and where to head to on your first morning.

Before your start day, we always offer you to come up to visit the yard if it’s possible. It’s a great opportunity to see the yard layout and meet some staff before your first day of working. Often family members like to come with you to visit too which we welcome, as they can also see where you will be working. As some staff live quite a distance away from the yard this isn’t always possible to do beforehand, so it’s always covered on your first day at work.

Mike Legg, the Assistant Trainer, and I will show you around and cover points such as:-

  • Where to park,
  • The office
  • The tack rooms
  • Who to report to
  • Where to go for breakfast breaks.
  • Checking your riding helmet and body vest.

It’s a great opportunity for me also to go through all the necessary paperwork too. This includes things like taking copies of your ID, making sure I have your bank details to set up for wages and the important Health and Safety induction.

The Health and Safety induction is essential in making sure you are kept safe and know what to do in the event of an emergency. It covers making notes of any medical issues you may have, our fire procedure, where first aid boxes are located as well as going over procedures we’ve put in place from completing our risk assessments.

It does take about an hour to complete everything, but at least then hopefully you feel more informed about the place you’re starting work.


If you are needing accommodation with us, again I will have usually spoken to you about this prior to your start date, letting you know what you are needing to bring and what Harry Fry Racing supplies for you at the accommodation and give you the opportunity to move in a day or so before your due to start work.

We always try to accommodate staff together in suitable groups of same sex accommodation, and with similar age and likeminded people. For example, if you’ve both been to the same racing school or are a similar age.

We have accommodation on site and off site. If you are a non-driver you would be housed on site.