A Day at the Races with Laura Winstanley

One of the best feelings in racing is watching a horse you love try their hardest for you and really stick their neck out to win a race for you. It makes the early mornings and the bad weather [...]

A Day in the Life of Laura Winstanley

6.15am Arrive on the yard and check the riding out board where the three or four horses we will ride that day will appear next to our name. Most days we will ride the same few horses – these may [...]

How to win a best-turned out with your racehorse

Winning a best-turned out at the races with your horse is a great confidence boost and it’s nice to get recognition and a prize for your efforts. Some prizes can be up to £150 for the best race [...]

First day at Harry Fry Racing from an administrator’s view

Prior to your start day, I will usually have been in contact with you already, either by meeting you at the interview or having conversations with you via email or the phone. This is often to [...]

What to Expect on your first day of Work Experience

You should have already received some information from the yard regarding your exciting venture into the world of horse racing. What to wear If you are going to be riding, you will have been [...]