Zoe Moore-Williams Winner of the NTF’S Toby Balding Award

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Hobbs travelling head girl Moore-Williams wins NTF’s Toby Balding Award

Zoe Moore-Williams, travelling head girl for trainer Philip Hobbs, has been named as the winner of the National Trainers Federation’s Toby Balding Award for 2021.

Moore-Williams has worked in the industry full-time since 2015 and joined the Hobbs yard two years later, with the trainer describing her as “a great asset to the industry”.

She will receive £3,000, funded by the National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust from a donation made by the Swire Trust, and is planning to use the money to continue her climb up the racing ladder, including taking the course for assistant trainers.

“There are so many people, especially women, who come to a point where they can progress no further in the industry and I don’t want to be one of them,” Moore-Williams said. “I want to help make a change so that no matter what age or ability, people are able to have a long-term career in the racing industry.”

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