The Lycetts Leadership & Team Champions Awards are back!

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The National Trainers Federation has announced the launch of the 2022 Lycetts Leadership & Team Champions Awards.

  • Celebrating racehorse trainers and the teams behind racehorse training yards in Britain
  • Showcasing best practice approaches to staff management and leadership
  • Awarding industry-recognised accreditation to promote recruitment & retention of staff, owners and sponsors

The National Trainers Federation (NTF) and Lycetts Insurance Brokers are pleased to announce the launch of the 2022 Lycetts Leadership & Team Champions Awards.

Entries open on Monday 28th February 2022 and will close on Friday 8th April. Winners will be invited to a prize-giving and hospitality event at Sandown Park Racecourse on 14th September 2022, hosted by the NTF and Lycetts Insurance Brokers.

The Awards celebrate racehorse training yards that cultivate the best team ethos, exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and demonstrate innovative approaches to management.

Awards categories:

  • Lycetts Team Champions Award
    The award provides an opportunity for racing staff to tell us about their team and to gain the recognition they deserve. The Lycetts Team Champions Award recognises and celebrates the best teams on racehorse training yards, regardless of the size of the yard and from the staff’s perspective.

A £4000 prize awaits the winning team.

**For more info and how to enter: You will need to Log in or sign up to access the page. You can also visit the NTF website.**

  • Lycetts Leadership Award
    There are four sections that make up the Lycetts Leadership Award, these are the Excellence Awards. These sections are based on The Winning Approach, a set of industry standards in management and employment practices. Trainers can enter just one or multiple sections.

A £4000 prize awaits the winning Trainer for their yard.

An explanation of the process and the entry forms are available on the NTF website at

Entering our 5th year of the Awards, we’re delighted to be working once again with Lycetts Insurance Brokers.

The Awards offer us the opportunity to celebrate and learn from the training yards that are establishing the most exceptional working environments. Yards and employers that champion team performance and ethos, build resilient and sustainable business practices, prioritise safety and wellbeing, and go above and beyond to create a workplace where staff and horses can flourish. At a time when staffing is a significant challenge for the sport, the accreditations offered through the awards process represent a real opportunity for yards to stand out as top employers.

In addition, the awards are a welcoming and informative platform for Trainers to receive guidance in management and leadership practices. Consultancy, advice and support materials are available to help all Trainers elevate their employment processes and build resilient businesses.
Paul Johnson, Chief Executive, National Trainers Federation

It is a huge privilege to have been involved in the creation of this program and see its purposes translate into real benefits for the trainer’s businesses and their employees alike. Although the awards seek to find winners, in fact every team that participates wins because the ideals and principals stick and produce real and measurable results.

Persevering with the goal to have every training operation participate will benefit the industry as a whole and make jobs in racing an ever more attractive destination.
Piers Plunket, Divisional Director, Lycetts